Sunday, June 21, 2009

2009.06.20 Dempsey Hill

The overall feel of Dempsey Hill is going through yet another change as developers are now targetting a new change that will give a new "commercial and yet indie" feel to the Dempsey Hill area.

Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but I am sure changes will mean some people might feel uncomfortable with the changes and will not come back. Many of the furniture resellers are moving up north to Tago Lane and similar places to continue their business at places offering competitive rent.

Dempsey Hill, once the home of the British Army.
Still standing, still changing...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stirling Road - Mei Ling Street photowalk

For some weird reasons, I can totally remember this lock.

It is so weird to be at the place where you were born, and everything looks so different as you remembered it. But honestly, I am still trying to find out whether was I born in Mei Ling street before moving to the kampung at Ulu Pandan or the other way round. There was so much moving around in those years, all the details were sketchy.

Looking at the residents in the estate, and the conditions of the houses, I started to think about the condition of life my parents were through when they were young. Must have been tough for them.

This photowalk again reminded me, to be appreciative of them. It was quite an emotional weekend. No wonder it rained.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Queen's Town?

More images from last weekend's photowalk
in the Queenstown district.

Past glories.
An old KTV once occupied these premises.
Now all the glitter and gold has all disappeared.

Will such glorious architecture be seen once again
in a Singaporean housing estate? Or will we continue
to see boring blockish buildings springing up?

In Chinese, it can be a degrading word to use
against women. But in this case, it is where
families come to buy their furniture and cars.

Most housing estates in Singapore have one
of these eating places. The interesting thing
to note is, the older the estate seem to have
better food... deliciously interesting...

The island tracks are now extending to all areas of
Singapore, and in time, will connect Singapore
together in a network of under and above ground
rail system. Good or bad? We shall see...

Finding an old Telecoms sewerage cover.

Wondering what's this...

Old housing estates still holds its majesty.
Even though its old and blocky...

Top floor... penthouse... or a house of pent up... whatever...

This used to be my playground.
This used to be my childhood dreams.
This used to be the play I ran to,
whenever I was in need of a friend...
- Madonna.