Monday, July 13, 2009

Clifford leading the public photowalk at ClubSNAP event

I was being introduced to the public before his speech on street and documentary photography, as well as a background on Sociomedia, the socially aware media company that will be commissioned in late 2009, early 2010.

Sharing on why I started shooting. What inspires me, and about "gear whoring".

Listeners to the talk.

Getting everyone ready for the photowalk. Was kinda shocked at the turnout. About 50 people were coming along!

People all ready to roll...

Final briefing before setting out from the Singapore Art Museum.

Answering some last minute question on the Olympus E-P1.

Explaining to the group on how I would approach shooting.

Demonstrating the use of E-P1's Live View to shoot and compose.

More on the E-P1 as my "digital rangefinder camera".

More questions from the group.

Sharing again on how I would use Custom White Balance setting on my camera to play with colours with shooting street images at night.

Demonstrating some of the features in Art Filters.

Snap! And showing the group how the image turn out.

All smiles. Everyone learnt something new today.

Was a great time with everyone today. And special thanks to Vincent for shooting these images.


  1. Hi. Love this kind of get together. How does one register and participate?

  2. Thanks for the comments, Shanx.

    You can find weekly updates to where we are heading to at ClubSNAP Forums.

    This is where we discuss where to go and where to meet and where to eat after the photowalk (you will get hungry after 3 hours of walking).

    Looking forward to you joining us on one of these coming weekends.