Thursday, July 9, 2009

Remembering the humble housing board flats...

To many Singaporeans, there is nothing glamourous about owning a housing board flat (housing development board, HDB for short, is the government stat board that is in charged of public housing in Singapore). These flats are merely public housing, and they are built on the cheap without much frills that comes with it, unlike condominiums or some fancy mansions where one can flaunt their riches and lifestyle.

Yet this humble apartment flats is home to the majority of the population, and should not be ignored. It is part of our heritage and the HDB has been working hard in the last decade to try to spruce things up by incorporating environmental designers and landscape artists... funny sometimes they fail and it can be hilarious to see some of the failed attempts.

This is part of the Singaporean life story. Sometimes, just sometimes, you come across an apartment that blows you away. These days, in some prime location, a housing board flat can fetch more than three quarters of a million dollars in the open market! That is not "cheap housing" anymore.

Well, here are some images (close up macros) of the humble three room type housing board flat, public area, shot at night.

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