Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ghim Moh Market

Lively little housing estate in Singapore. Ghim is tucked away between Mount Sinai and Holland Village and her famous neighbor, while well known for her restaurants and drinking hole (and the naked couple stunt), Ghim Moh is known for having great food.

This is one of those really old housing estates that was built about 40 years ago. Known a long time ago as "Siang Ni Sua" (in Teochew meaning double breast hill) there were two pleateau where Ghim Moh estate is now and it has been levelled to make way for a housing estate (together with Dover Road estate) and this was told to me by the native of this housing estate, my parents. They grew up here in the kampung (village).

Much have changed over the years of course. But at least for me, Ghim Moh estate is now my home. And I love the fact that everything is so convenient in this area. And great food is available around the clock, even at 4am in the morning.

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